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Physical Education Games – Invasion Games

Why do you need this product?

This Physical Education Games – Invasion games pack provides you with 19 exciting and engaging games. That you can use for many sports which fit the invasion games criteria. Firstly each game is expertly designed to cater for many types of invasion games. Whether you are teaching Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Handball etc all you have to do is substitute the correct ball and modify the playing area and you are good to go. Secondly, all these games are tried and tested and will be a sure fire hit with your students.

Within each game is ways to modify the activity. What equipment you will need and a Q&A section. Also included is a peer assessment sheet that students can use to assess gameplay and decision making.

Thirdly these Games will give you all you need to teach your student effectively through fun and enjoyment.

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Physical Education Games - Invasion Games